segunda-feira, abril 23

Ah, se George não batesse fofo...

There's things that you get
And things that you know
There's boys you can trust
And girls that you don't
There's little things you hide
And little things that you show
Sometimes you think you're gonna get it
But you don't and that's just the way it goes

I swear I won't tease you
Won't tell you no lies
I don't need no bible
Just look in my eyes
I've waited so long baby
Now that we're friends
Every man's got his patience
And here's where mine ends

I want your love
I want your sex
I want

It's playin' on my mind
It's dancin' on my soul
It's takin' so much time
So why don't you just let me go
I'd really like to try
Oh, I'd really like to know
When you tell me you're gonna regret it
Then I tell you that i love you but you still say no

I want your sex - George Michael

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